Lords of the Desert: Britain's struggle with America to dominate the Middle East

Speaker: James Barr (King's College London)

Chair: Eugene Rogan (MEC, St Antony's)

Mr James Barr read history at Oxford and  returned, as a visiting fellow, to St Antony’s in 2008, to research the book that became A Line In The Sand, which was published in 2011. Lords of the Desert picks up roughly where A Line In The Sand left off, but whereas that last book dwelt on Anglo-French rivalry in the Middle East, in this new one he has turned his attention to the Anglo-American relationship. He is a visiting fellow at King’s but has also worked in journalism, politics, running his own business and as a political officer at the British Embassy in Paris. 

Signed copies of the 'Lords of the Desert' book will be available to purchase after the event for £12 (cash only). 

James Barr